Wednesday, March 17, 2010

District 6 continues!

I have been traveling in d6 this past month and it's been wonderful! I went from Gamma Xi (UCSB) to UCLA to USC to UC Berkeley--and they have all been amazing. A lot of walking, a lot of sun, and a lot of fun!!! I have enjoyed this month so much. Not one moment of sadness, or lack of entertainment. I had my hands full with GZ--in a good way. I went shopping in Santa Monica and walking around LA. I went to the Grove, LA Live and some other cool places!

We got our April schedule today! I'm staying in d6! I'm going to Cal State Fullerton, San Diego, San Berdindino, back to Santa Barbara, and I'm going to CANADA again! This time I'm going to Vancouver!! YAY!! I have gotten extremely lucky with schedules!! Thanks Eug!! lol

I am going to enjoy the next 50 days!!!!! I <3 my life!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Epsilon Chi, Longwood University, my MOTHERS chapter!!!!

I don't even know where to begin. The moment I saw this visit on my schedule I started getting super excited. I was going to be able to see not only my moms chapter, but her school, and where she became the person she is today. I didn't even know what to expect! I emailed the Chapter President Chloe to let her know that this would be no ordinary visit. She was super sweet and told me how excited she was that I was coming. I talked to her the day of my arrival and got super excited at the fact that at least she was really nice on the phone. I was nervous that what if they didn't like me or if I didn't love them. (exactly like another Chapter visit that I've had.)

Regardless I arrived in Richmond, VA with 3 girls greeting me in ADPi letters. I was super excited to finally be here! We drove back to Farmville, like an hour away and just talked the entire time! We stopped at Panera and Starbucks (#1 & 2 things we have in common) on the way back to the school. They walked me to their dorm where I'm staying. They explained how they shared a dorm hall with KD and SK which I thought was really neat. We walked in the Chapter room and they had all 4 of my mom's composites setting out for me to see! They made me a binder with my schedule and other fun information as well as included a signature sheet of my moms and some articles from the Adelphean about the Chapter installation.

They also are making copies of the smaller composites and allowing me to take a copy of everything home! I was looking through old minutes tonight and learned that my mom was also social chair! It's so neat.. I can't even describe in words how much this has meant to me.

I am so fortunate that these women are so amazing! This didn't have to work out so well! They are definitely on the favorite list. I mean, regardless of the whole Chapter connection--I love them either way--so it's just BONUS that they are literally linked to my mom!

Delta Omega, Northern Illinois University

This was a really good visit! I really enjoyed myself and the girls were really sweet. Marcy and Kris Cole both visited this Chapter and had their business cards on the guest room door which I thought was neat. I hosted 2 workshops, a "wish list" and "needs assessment" workshop. They went really well. I met Kristin Goodwin, a former lc and current advisor for the Chapter, and went to dinner with her and the other advisors. It was really fun talking with her about the job and the ADPi internal side as well!

Also during the visit, the girls planned fun things for me! We had a game night, a movie night and a tie dyeing night which were all really great! We saw a movie about a girl going to Rome and taking money out a fountain and all of those men ended up falling in love with her. It was good--although I don't remember the name!

Successful, indeed.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

home and an interesting twist

So i went home, planning on spending every moment at USF with the girls. Well I get off of the plane and have a message from James waiting for me. I end up meeting him for coffee a little later after I start laundry and sit for 5 minutes! We grab coffee and walk around downtown. (kind of funny bc David and I walked downtown after we broke up too). Anyway, he proceeds to tell me that he doesn't want me to write us off, and that he "hates to break it to me but I'm stuck with him" and that for whatever reason, and he can't explain it.. his passion lies with me and no one else. He told me how he spoke with a good friend of his as well as his grandmother and he just knows all of a sudden. I was of course delighted, but SUPER frustrated at the same time. I'm not really sure how to react to be honest. Its the whole head vs heart battle. I love him and I always have, and never stopped--but I don't want to get hurt or look foolish. I don't want to answer a million questions and feel like people are judging the situation. I know I have to live my life, and make decisions for myself, but it's just so hard. Tara told me she's always one for second chances--as am I. I mean, trying again with David was the best thing for us in that situation. It answered a lot of questions and I'll never have the "what if's".

James is a charmer, and I can't stop smiling when we're together. I mean, this is just a journey--and it's just beginning. I am not coming home in February which is helpful to let things between us slowly work themselves out. I mean, if I was home, my heart would have jumped right in.. and my head would have fought it, and it would have been awkward and messy! This is in some ways a good thing. I'm interested to see what the future holds. I mean, some things will have to be different if there is any hope for us. We always were amazing in person though.. so my fingers are crossed! I am still in control of my life, and I'm proud of the person I am becoming. This job has been an amazing experience and I've learned a lot about myself and I'm a lot stronger than I once believed. I never want to lose that.

Anyway i'm going to try and go to bed at a decent hour tonight. <3 ya

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Emory was a success!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my Emory experience. This visit could have been a disaster--because originally all I wanted was to be with the Zeta Zeta girls...and mourn the death of one of the most memorable sisters I've met on the road, Kristen.

Firstly, thank the lord I was able to see Maggie and Lexi--that definitely helped.

The Sisters at Delta Alpha have been amazing. They are so fun and full of energy--it's been a great experience. They did the cutest thing for bid day. They did karaoke and did ADPi idol. It was SOOO fun!

Also-side note-- I was talking to Meagan from IU (Beta Alpha) and she told me that the girls sent ZZ a card and they took a pic of the chapter all wearing purple and sent it with it. HOW F-ing sweet is that. It truly touched me--and it shows how much love is in our organization. The
Sisterhood in ADPi is undeniable and something I have really witnessed! It's also neat--because they are 2 of my chapters--and i feel like i made a difference by bridging the gap between chapters.

Okay--I have super sleep issues. I never can fall asleep! I've been going to bed soooo late. I go home tomorrow! YAY USF! By the way--i have a GGGG and GGG to meet. (Great, great, great grand & great great grand). I'm SOOO old! lol I can't wait to see my Epsilon Lambda Sista's! It's been too long! I'm sleeping at the house and everything! A true experience, lol. Not like I don't do it literally every day of my life!

I have SO many wonderfully exciting visits coming up! Northern Illinois to lead a few workshops, Longwood (my mom's Chapter---craziness!), my favorite Theta Delta's for an amazing recruitment, DLC 6 with Tara in Cali, Cal State Santa Barbara, D3 dlc---yes! That's all I know for now!!!!!

I can't believe this job is going by SO fast. :(

Love you sisters!!

Fave visits-- Augusta State (ZZ), Theta Delta (u of Del), ASU (Arizona), Cal State Chico, Emory, Indiana University, (BA), bucknell install with stef!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... i mean lets be real, all of my visits have been fabulous! I have been extremely lucky! I hope the rest of the semester is as great as it's been! <3 you all!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Delta Alpha--Emory University

Okay, so I'm at Emory--the girls have been wonderful! They are sweet and always say hello and chat with me.. even when they don't have to! Today was skit round--and they did America's next top ADPi... it was presh! I loved it. The girls are really funny. I can't tell who my favorite characters were--Tyra and Janice probable! I was dying laughing every round. They did a great job ad libbing so it was a little more fresh! Everything was going great until their advisor came. She was super condescending and it just put me in an awkward place. Idk--just dumb. I want life to be enjoyable. I'm still dealing with the death of Kristen and I haven't given myself a ton of downtime--none in fact... unless you count the plane ride here.

The advisor just made me sad--there's no other word to use. O well, tomorrow is a new day!

This morning I went to starbucks with Maggie--old prez of ZZ (augusta state). It was WONDERFUL seeing her! We talked about Kristen and the chapter--and it was nice to talk about it--without it being sad or too much. Tomorrow I'm going to brunch with Lexi and Maritess--which I'm also SUPER excited about! I don't know what it is about those ZZ girls--but they did become like family to me during my visit there.

My heart goes out to all of them... btw I can't seem to sleep. It's 330 am--i went to bed at 3 last night too..... why can't i unwind?! o bc that's alone quiet time ...

Miss you Kristen...OBIC

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Beta Psi 9\(UK) visit and Zeta Zeta (AugSU) News

My visit at UK was SO short but it was nice. The girls were fun and it was neat to hear about their stories and the stuff they do on campus. Their recruitment sounds like a blast--wish i could actually experience it. The visit is a blur--but I got a lot of information on grad school and had fun walkin on campus! I had fun hangin with Laura--the new pres! lol

My last night of the visit I was hangin out with Laura in the kitchen and I got a call from Marcy--Zeta Zeta's advisor and got some awful news. Kristen Thompson, FVP of ZZ, died...

I still haven't fully let it sink in yet.. It's sad and awful. She was an amazing young woman and touched the lives of many during her time here on earth. I flew to AtL today to visit Emory--which is like 2 hours away MAX from Augusta. I would give anything to be at ASU right now with my girls. It is literally taking every amount of effort to not lay in bed--and cry. I feel the tears come on during the most awk times--and then i just suck them back in.
I'm not suppose to be sad... I'm suppose to be here to help. I get that. I'm at a school for formal recruitment where our chapter is in the top tier... i don't NEED to be here and it's frustrating. I want to grieve her death too--and i don't know when or how i'm suppose to do that...
AHHHHHH I could cry right now. O wait, i have to go to dinner with the emory girls. YAY.. today my motto is "fake it til you make it"... maybe if i smile long enough or laugh hard enough--it will all just go away.